Are you keeping your make-up and toiletries too long?

Posted 02 July 2019

Confession time – most of us probably keep a few of these products long after their recommended expiry dates

Products likely to expire more quickly are those with natural or organic materials in high levels.  Cheaper product may expire more quickly. 

Products in pump bottles are likely to last longer than jars which you dip your fingers. 

Product least likely to expire are those with wax or alcohol, or those in aerosol can. Powder products like compacts, bronzing powders or blush will also have better longevity.

It’s difficult to estimate how many people per year seek medical treatment as a result of using old or expired products but in 2014, cosmetics were found to be the source of approximately 30% of total injury reports received by ACCC.

Risks associated with using expired cosmetics depend on how badly the product has turned. In best cases, expired cosmetics will just stop doing what they’re designed to do.  In the extreme, expired cosmetics can result in skin irritation dermatitis, allergic reactions and infection.