LifeSmart Blood Glucose Monitor

Posted 9th August 2021

Living a healthy lifestyle with Diabetes

Staying healthy through positive lifestyle choices can help you to live well with diabetes and reduce the risk of developing health complications.

Healthy lifestyle choices for people living with Diabetes include:

• regular physical activity

• healthy eating,

• medication (if needed)

• blood glucose monitoring

Why it’s important to check your blood glucose levels?

Testing your blood glucose levels daily, supports your health and lifestyle by giving you accurate data and immediate feedback from your body to understand what’s happening with your Diabetes. It shows you if you're in a safe blood glucose range and helps you understand your body’s response to your lifestyle choices and your blood sugar levels.

By checking your blood glucose levels daily, it will help you:

• Feel confident managing your diabetes.

• Understand the relationship between your blood glucose levels and food, exercise, and other lifestyle factors like stress, travel, and sickness.

• Discover how your lifestyle choices and medication (if used) are making a difference to your Diabetes.

• Immediately see if your blood glucose levels are too low (hypoglycaemia) or too high (hyperglycaemia), which helps you make important decisions such as when to eat, when to exercise, and when to seek medical support.

What makes the LifeSmart Blood Glucose Monitor the best choice?

The LifeSmart Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring Device can accurately measure blood glucose, ketone, and hematocrit (HCT) levels.

HCT is the ratio of red blood cells to plasma in your blood sample. Very high or very low HCT levels in your blood can have an effect on the accuracy of your blood glucose reading.

The LifeSmart Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring Device has an HCT range of 0-70%, giving you an accurate reading that you can rely on to manage your Diabetes.

Additional features:

• Hygienic strip ejector design

• Four (4) daily reminder alarms

• Up to 90 days average function

• Before and after meal (AC/PC) settings

The LifeSmart Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring Device comes with a lancing device and lancets.

The LifeSmart Blood Glucose Testing Strips are available on the NDSS.

LifeSmart, clinical accuracy* you can depend on.

*LifeSmart exceeds the current ISO 15197:2013 accuracy guidelines vs lab results