Posted 18th June 2021

Winter Wellness Essentials

In the colder months, there’s an increased risk of catching viruses such as the cold, flu, or COVID-19. Being indoors more means we are often closer together, and more susceptible to the spread of germs. The dry winter air may also weaken the natural mucus barriers in the nose, mouth and lungs, meaning easier entry for viruses.

Some steps you should take to assist both your health and the health of the community this winter include:

-Getting your flu shot
-Washing or sanitising your hands regularly
-Eating healthy
-Staying active

Mental wellbeing can also often be affected in winter due to the poor weather and fewer daylight hours. Exposing yourself to nature can help combat this and have some positive mental health impacts. Incorporate nature into your lifestyle by spending time in a local park, exercising outdoors where possible or taking up a hobby like gardening.

When feeling low, it can be tempting to pull back from your social network. You shouldn’t give in to this, as it is connecting with others and participating in activities you enjoy that will help to combat this feeling. Engage and check in with friends and family, for your own wellbeing and for theirs.

Whilst it is important to focus on health during winter, this focus should not be something that brings added stress to your life. Above all, staying calm will have an overall positive effect on your health. Making time for yourself, no matter how many other tasks or activities you may have to tackle, is beneficial to help combat stress. At the end of the day, your mental wellbeing will boost your physical health as well.