Are you COVID-19 Ready?

It is important you have ready all the essentials to help you plan so if you, or someone in your household, tests positive for COVID-19 and needs to isolate you are prepared.

Visit us today and ask our Healthcare Heroes for recommended products and advice on how you can be prepared to manage Cov-id and related symptoms.

Ensure you have ready at home;

  • Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS)
  • Supply of your regular medication
  • Pain Relief medication associated with cold and flu symptoms
  • Maintain a healthy immune system with Pro-biotics and Vitamins
  • Dry Cough medicine
  • Hygiene Protection such as Disinfectant/antibacterial wipes and Hand Sanitisers
  • Thermometer

Make sure to monitor the symptoms when you or someone you care for get COVID-19, particularly if you feel their symptoms are worsening.