Futuro Braces and Supports

Posted 13th May 2021


Futuro Braces and Supports have consistently provided PAIN relief and helped prevent injury for over 70 years. Powered by 3M Science and developed by 3M experts who truly understand muscles and joints, FUTURO offers a wide range of braces and supports that help people perform their best in both work and play.

The supports and braces are made from a wide range of different materials and stabilisers to ensure all your injury needs are covered. The materials used provide various compression levels, heat retention and breathability so you can go about your active routines.

Thoughtfully designed to look good and feel great, these go-to solutions for comfort and motion help you stay healthy, social, competitive and positive – gearing you up for life’s great adventures.

Comfort Stabilising Brace – (Wrist)

  • Designed to help relieve the symptoms of mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, mild tendonitis, sprains and mild arthritis
  • Easy-sleeve design for effortless application
  • Soft touch materials for optimal wearing comfort
  • Reversible for left or right hand
  • Breathable material

Performance Comfort  – (Knee)

  • Medium to high density polyurethane foam that is low profile with enhanced breathability compared to neoprene.
  • Odour-resistant and ideal for all-day wear and sport activities.
  • Use for Sprains, Strains, Mild Arthritis, Swelling, Mild Tendonitis
  • Contoured shape is designed for optimal comfort and support
  • Flexible comfort straps adjust for a personalised fit
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Comfortable material wicks away moisture and provides enhanced breathability

Ask your pharmacist for more information about joint solutions.