A guide to new motherhood

Posted May 1st, 2024

Becoming a mother is one of the most life-changing experiences in life. It’s a journey full of endless love, happiness, and, yes, challenges as well. Prioritising your health and well-being can help you have the strength and stamina to care for your child and yourself as you enter this life-changing chapter. Here are some valuable tips to help you succeed on the path of becoming a new mother:


Prenatal vitamins

It’s important to consume multi-vitamins during pregnancy to ensure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients for both you and your growing baby. Pre-natal vitamins are formulated to provide higher levels of certain nutrients like folic acid, calcium, and iron which are important for fetal development. Most prenatal vitamins also contain omega-3 fats like DHA and EPA, which support proper brain development in the baby (1). 


Sleep well

As your belly grows, finding a comfortable sleeping position becomes increasingly important for your physical and mental well-being. Side sleeping, particularly on the left side is recommended to optimize blood flow, as it allows for better circulation from the inferior vena cava (IVC), which carries blood to the mom’s heart and baby. Sleeping on your left side also reduces the pressure on the liver and kidneys,  allowing ease in your hands, ankles, and feet. Sleeping on the right side is generally safe, but there’s more risk of IVC compression. Either way, choose the position that you feel comfortable with most (2).


Embrace gentle exercises

Engaging in gentle exercises such as prenatal yoga provides benefits for revitalizing both body and mind. The mindfulness cultivated in yoga effectively reduces the chance of pregnancy complications, stress levels, and anxiety and improves overall breathing and flexibility (3).

Additionally, it’s important to stay hydrated during pregnancy by drinking approximately 2.3 liters of fluids per day, coming from water intake and food. Remember to adjust your fluid intake accordingly based on the weather conditions and increased physical activity. This simple yet essential practice supports the overall well-being throughout your pregnancy journey (4).


Get a free flu shot during pregnancy

Influenza poses a significant risk during pregnancy. Due to the natural weakening of the immune system, pregnant women are more vulnerable to contracting the flu. Getting an Influenza vaccine is strongly recommended to protect the mother’s developing fetus (5). 

*Please consult with your doctor or healthcare professional for any concerns and personalized guidance on your pregnancy journey.


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