Talk to Our Healthcare Heroes for Tips on Managing Osteoarthritis

At Alliance Pharmacy, we see our friendly pharmacists as Healthcare Heroes in their communities. If you need assistance with managing your osteoarthritis symptoms, feel free to ask your local Healthcare Hero for tips and tricks. Some of the most common pieces of advice they give are to sleep well, manage your stress, try low-impact exercises, manage the pain via cold or heat packs and perhaps most importantly — talk to your GP.

Track your symptoms with your FREE Osteo-pain Diary

We’re proud to announce that participating Alliance Pharmacies will be giving away FREE osteo-pain diaries to customers across Australia. Osteo-pain diaries are vital tools in managing persistent pain associated with the condition. Keeping track of your symptoms every day can help alert your doctor to particular triggers, important changes in your condition and potential side effects from the pain or the medications taken to manage it. 

At Alliance Pharmacy caring for other is just what we do. Check out how Suzi our Healthcare Hero can help you if you are suffering from mild osteo pain.

View our Healthcare Heroes Osteo-Pain Diary online here: