Posted 17th June 2020

Tips to help you combat coronavirus in the
Cold & Flu season

It is winter and we all know what that means… more cases of the common cold and flu unfortunately which is why we need to be extra hygiene conscious. It is even more so important to be careful due to the coronavirus situation, which is why we have some handy tips to help you this year! With no set cures for the common cold / flu or coronavirus at the moment, the below 5 tips aim to help you combat coronavirus in the Cold & Flu season:

1. Get your flu shot – with the current strain on the healthcare system, it is more important now than ever to consider getting a flu shot and ensure that there is less pressure from illness that is not COVID-19.

2. Boost your immunity – vitamin C, adequate sleep, regular exercise and a diet high in fruits and vegetables all help to bolster our immune system.

3. Reduce stress – ensure you are being active daily, drinking enough water and surrounding yourself with positivity.

4. Practice distancing/sanitation – follow the basic principles of covering your mouth & nose when coughing or sneezing, washing your hands frequently and being mindful of those around you.

5. Stock up on cold & flu prevention – visit your local pharmacy and speak to the team there to find out what is right for you.