Vicks Steam Vaporizer

Posted 15th June 2021

Vicks Cold and Flu


How many colds does the average person get?

• Babies have up to 10 colds a year before they turn 2 years old
• This increases to 12 colds a year when they go to kindergarten!
• Adolescents and adults get about 2 to 4 colds a year.

For infants and young children with coughs & colds, there’s not a lot that can help!

Warm steam vaporisers provide natural all-night relief through steam therapy.

And when it comes to fever management, choosing a reliable thermometer is also key.

Why is humidity important for health?

• Our bodies are up to 60% water – it relies on water to keep healthy
• In winter, and dry air-conditioned environments, humidity can drop lower than is optimal, which can compromise the body’s ability to function effectively, particularly the respiratory system.
• This can exacerbate symptoms of colds and flu, or lead to dry and irritated eyes, throat, nose and skin.
• Humidifiers and Vaporisers add moisture back into the air to help alleviate these symptoms.
• Warm Steam Vaporisers have added therapeutic benefit – the warm steam loosens phlegm and congestion in the chest and nose, making breathing easier and sleep more comfortable.


Best for Colds and Flu, Bronchitis, Croup, Easier Breathing

Humidity: Increases to 70-80%
Benefit: Raises room humidity to therapeutic levels for cough & cold relief, providing a better night’s sleep
How: Loosens mucous to relieve congestion in nose & chest
Age: Suitable for all ages

Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

A natural, gentle solution to help relieve nose and throat congestion, cold and flu symptoms.
It produces a soothing flow of warm steam all night long to aid with a restful sleep.

Voted Australia’s most trusted Vaporiser/Humidifier!

• Winner Australia’s most trusted Vaporiser
• 25% cooler steam for added safety
• 14 hrs. operation, auto shut off
• 5-year warranty
• TGA registered product


• Vicks VapoSteam Inhalant
• Vicks VapoSteam Double Strength Inhalant
• Available in 100 & 200mL

Vicks VapoSteam Inhalant

• Soothes and comforts for all night relief
• Refreshing fragrance of eucalyptus & peppermint
• Gentle, strong, long lasting vapours
• Trusted Vicks brand name

Available in 200mL & 100mL sizes

Vicks VapoSteam Double Strength Inhalant

• 100% stronger formula: double the essential oils for a stronger fragrance

Available in 200mL & 100mL sizes