About MoliCare Incontinence Products

Posted 14th July 2020

Why choose MoliCare?

MolicCare incontinence products provide evidence-based active skin protection proven to help prevent incontinence related skin problems. They offer the benefits of breathable air active side panels, a superior 3-layer absorbent core and an odour neutraliser!

1. Highly absorbent 
A 3-layer absorbent core helps lock fluid into the centre, leaving skin dry and preventing leakage.

2. Comfortable fit
With different styles, sizes and absorbency levels - there’s a perfect fit for all incontinence needs.

3. Helps prevent skin irritation
Our Curly Fibre technology sets our products apart by maintaining healthy pH levels and reducing the risk of skin irritation.*

4. Funding
You can get funding from NDIS or CAPS for your MoliCare continence products.


The MoliCare Premium Mobile pants in particular look and feel like regular underwear! They have a range of features and benefits:

  • Optimal anatomical fit, soft material and lycras for a comfort and discretioCurly fiber layer provides a highly antibacterial and pH 5.5 neutral effect to maintain healthy skin. 

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Absorbent core neutralises odour and holds liquids quickly for a dry feeling.

  • Maximum leakage protection is secured based on high-quality material and the two-part cuff system.

  • Tear-open side seams assure a convenient removal.

  • Colored lycras indicate size, absorbency and front garment.